Having Fun with Pickle in My Pocket

Having Fun with Pickle in My Pocket

Getting Tim to smile and on camera at the same time is quite the challenge. When I suggested that we make a video about Pickle in My Pocket for TikTok, I honestly wasn't sure how it would go over. I was thrilled with his reaction - especially after I told him that the book was already selling!


@tracyruckman Help us celebrate Poppa Tim's new book, Pickle in My Pocket. This humorous picture book Poppa Tim as the narrator of his childhood, with a life lesson about patience. Conversation starters included, too. #fyp #newchildrensbook #newrelease #funnybooks #poppatim ♬ Celebration - Kool & The Gang


 And then we had to make a different one for YouTube - I may eventually get the other one converted for YT, too.

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