Meet Our Authors: Phee Paradise

Meet Our Authors: Phee Paradise

(December 12, 2017)

Today, as part of our Meet Our Authors series, I'm delighted to introduce you to Phee Paradise. Phee is one of our authors at TMP, but also one of our original writers and supporters when we began the Pix-N-Pens blog back in 2007, before the publishing companies were ever a thought. Her latest book, A Sincere Heart, a biography of her grandfather, a missionary in China, is available now as a paperback and on Kindle.

Favorite Christmas Memory

When I was a child, every Christmas Eve the whole family gathered to listen to the story of the Littlest Angel. The story of a lonely little giving his best to Jesus and receiving approval from God reminds me that God loves me too, even when my halo is tarnished and my robe is torn.

Favorite Christmas Book or Movie

I'm glad you didn't ask for my favorite story, since I just answered that. My favorite is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I could say it's a story about how Jesus changes people, but really I love it because it's just fun.

Favorite Christmas food

The cookies! Sugar cookies, Mexican wedding cakes, chocolate crinkles, eggnog snickerdoodles, peppermint anything . . . and my Aunt Clara's peppernuts. I'd share recipes, but they all came from cookbooks. I love my Betty Crocker cookie book.

Favorite Christmas tradition

After my grandchildren were born, my daughter started the tradition of making homemade gifts for each other. The extended family, including the kids, draw a name and make a gift for that person. This is in addition to anything else we might give and we make a ceremony of opening them on Christmas Eve. I love making gifts and I've received some great ones.

About Phee's books:

A Sincere Heart

“It is a wonderfully thrilling feeling to hear that Esther wants to work for the Lord on the foreign mission field. I should list the qualifications as follows: Formal education, augmented by a good knowledge of the Bible: zeal for God’s work, held in leash by good common sense: Practical knowledge of Christian work, especially of the way to lead souls to God: sound health and health habits. The knowledge of the Bible and zeal for the Cause are the most necessary things. Too often we let these things slip.” ~ John Bickford, Aug. 8,1939

You’ve most likely never heard of John Bickford.

He’s one of the thousands of Christians we never heard about, who gave their lives to missions in the twentieth century. The ones who learned new languages, made friends of foreigners, and raised their families in remote places so strangers could know the truth about their Savior.

In 1920, John took his pregnant wife to China and came back to America for good in 1948, leaving behind a tiny grave in an obscure town in a Communist country. He oversaw five growing churches in little villages, took pride in his Chinese colleagues, but agonized over his own shortcomings. His family often fled political unrest and civil war, but they always returned to the people he loved.

During the World War, he spent two years under Japanese confinement, patiently trusting God while he longed to be with his beloved wife and children who escaped to America. He cheerfully accepted his own physical suffering, but his heart broke over his son’s looming blindness.

He was an ordinary missionary with an extraordinary story, the story of God at work through a man with a sincere heart.

In addition to A Sincere Heart, Phee's work has been published in numerous anthologies and in 2014, the story of her parents as missionaries, Miracles at Midnight, was released by Pix-N-Pens.

She also has a fun fictional short story in A Pixel Perfect Christmas, available in print and on Kindle.

About Phee:

Author Phee Paradise

Phee Paradise was blessed to be a missionary kid and loves to share that experience in her writing. In Miracles at Midnight, she edited her father’s stories about his years on the mission field where he saw God change lives for the Kingdom. Phee has also contributed to several books, including A Ruby Christmas, A Dozen Apologies, Unlikely Merger, and Trials and Triumphs. A Sincere Heart, her biography of her grandfather, a missionary in China is her latest book. She prays that her work will be used by God to His glory.

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