My Summer with Jimmy & Nan Dee by Jane J. Hart

My Summer with Jimmy & Nan Dee by Jane J. Hart

(July 19, 2017)

We're excited to announce our latest release, My Summer with Jimmy & Nan Dee, by Jane J. Hart.

My Summer with Jimmy & Nan Dee is a touching memoir by newcomer, Jane J. Hart, recounting how simple life was for her daddy growing up in the deep South beginning in the 1930s. She wanted to take advantage of the time she has left with her father by going back in time and writing their history so it may be passed down to future generations. While walking memory lane with her father, Jane realizes how important living a slower paced life is to her own existence.

The author's longing for simplicity and peace in her own life, while tackling the challenging journey of caring for her severely handicapped daughter, will make you laugh and cry. As Jane records the past, an unexpected visitor helps her see what is genuinely important and shows her how to experience the calm she has so desperately searched for.

Available in paperback and Kindle formats.



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