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Tracy Ruckman

Go West His Momma Said

Go West His Momma Said

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“Only one question remained: Do we stay or do we go?”

Faced with life-changing decisions, Tim and Tracy made the only choice they could—they went!

Go West, His Momma Said chronicles the Ruckmans on their 189-day cross-country road trip as they tent-camped their way from state to state. 

Piling into their SUV, loaded down with camping equipment and electronic gadgets, they determined to see as much of this land as they could. No set destination, no prepared plans, no schedule, their only limitation was their budget. With financial challenges and bucket lists in hand, the couple soon discovered that more than monetary riches canvas the vast landscape of America's West.

Come join them during the first half of their journey as they explore parts of the west, just as his momma told him to do.

Includes full-color photos.

Available in Hardcover and Paperback options.

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