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Tracy Ruckman

Jot it Down Camping Journal Digital Download

Jot it Down Camping Journal Digital Download

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Keep this journal handy to record all the details of your camping trips. This is a downloadable, printable product - the file is a pdf to download to your computer, and then you can print whichever pages you need for each trip.

Perfect logbook for:

• Tent campers

• RV campers

• Car campers

• Hikers

• Family camping trips

Makes a great memory keepsake book and serves as a valuable resource for future trips. Inside, you’ll find easy fill-in forms for campgrounds, weather conditions, mileage, and other trip stats, plus lined note pages for recording all your adventures and experiences.

We’ve also included some handy checklists to help with planning, packing, and travel, and a list of a few of our favorite items we use during our own camping trips.

The Jot-it-Down Camping Journal is also available in paperback on Amazon.


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